IT Solutions

The Nizameddin group has established itself in the Information Technology sector due to the vast acquired experience of its management team in the fields of Computer Science, Complex Industrial Systems Engineering and Information & Communications Engineering. With specialized IT degrees from eminent universities in Europe and the Middle East, the management has also gained experiences by working on large-scale IT projects with major multinational groups.

Collaborating with such pioneering companies in the field of IT Consulting and Systems Integration, we were able to build custom solutions using the most advanced technologies from SAP, Oracle and Microsoft to cover all of our clients' specific needs which mainly include:

  • ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning
  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management
  • BI - Business Intelligence
  • HRM - Human Resource Management
  • ITSM - IT Service Management

Currently, the group is focused mainly on directly investing in IT companies or related entities with a goal to reach avant-garde information to grow in various business prospects.